Upcoming Events

On November 10th the cadets of the Marine Coprs JROTC program will be traveling to the John Carroll School for a day long learning experience focused on the experiences and lessons of the holocaust.
Lessons of the Shoah / No Asylum: The Plight of Refugees

Baltimore City and County hass a large Jewish community with a valuable history. In order to be a strong community we must be knowledgeable, friendly and engaging with our neigbors.

On November 18th -  Select cadets from the Marine Corps JROTC program will have the opportunity to sit and engage with Baltimore Historian Louis Diggs.

Louis S. Diggs (born April 13, 1932 in Baltimore, Maryland) is an African-American writer and historian specializing in the African-American history of Baltimore County, Maryland. As a chronicler of the county's African-American legacy, his work illuminates the historic past of its Black communities. In addition to social history, Diggs has published on Baltimore African-American military records from the American Civil War and the Maryland Army National Guard.[1]
Louis Diggs Historian