Performing Arts

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Instrumental Music

Kimiesha Robinson, Instructor (Piano/Music Theory/General Music)

H. Wesley Barnes, Instructor (Band)

Damien Walker, Instructor (Strings/Orchestra)

Courses Offered
Band 9
Strings 9
Concert Band
Symphonic Winds
Wind Ensemble
Concert Orchestra
Symphonic Orchestra
Music Theory Honors
Foundations of Music Technology
Class Piano I, II or III

Elective Courses
*Classes beyond grade 9 are determined through audition and instructor evaluation.

Show Choir Chorale

This program allows students to develop their individual talents as well as skills in ensemble performance, sight-reading, and music theory.  Students are also prepared for conducting and solo performances in advanced settings and are exposed to composing and recording technology. 
(Instrumental Music does include the study of piano, but not guitar.)

Vocal Music              Image result for singing silhouette

Demetrius Taylor, Instructor (Voice/Choir/Opera/Music Theatre)

Courses Offered
Voice 1
Chorus 9
Voice 2 
Women's Chorus 
Chamber Choir 
Concert Choir
Music Theory Honors 
Music Theory GT
AP Music Theory
Foundations of Music Technology
Class Piano

Elective Courses
Music Seminar
Class Piano
Music Theory 1
AP Music Theory
Opera/Musical Theatre

**Classes beyond grade 9 are determined through audition and instructor evaluation.

This program prepares students for solo and ensemble performances in a variety of musical genres including opera and musical theatre. Course work includes vocal fundamentals and technique, sight-reading, and music history, theory, and criticism. Students may also work with music technology, recording, and engineering.

Acting/Performance Theatre and Design and Production

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Jerome Banks-Bey, Instructor

Courses Offered                                                         Courses Offered      
Introduction to Theatre                                                              Introduction to Theatre
Acting I                                                                                    Design and Production 1
Advanced Movement/Advanced Voice                                        Design and Production 2, 3, and 4
Acting 2                                                                                   Design and Production 4
Theatre Movement                                                                    Theatre Production Seminar
Theatre Voice
Acting 3
Musical Theatre
Theatre Production Seminar

Elective Courses                                                         Elective Courses   
Acting 4 (Independent Study)                                                     Acting 1, 2, and 3
Advanced Movement                                                                Musical Theatre
Advanced Voice                                                                       Technical Theatre III
Performance Styles                                                                  Theatre Internship
Design and Production                                                              Theatre Movement
Acting Company 1 and 2                                                           Theatre Technology
Directing                                                                                  Assistantship for Introduction to Theatre
Audition Process                                                                      Assistantship for Technical Theatre
Theatre Internship                                                                    Design and Production Company 1 and 2


This program allows students to work in a variety of performance settings, including traditional an black box. Guest artists enhance student experiences and allow for individual talent development in drama, comedy, and musical theatre. Several performances throughout the year allow students to showcase their talents to a wide audience.

Design and Production

This program provides students with opportunities to engage actively in live stage production work with sound, lighting, set design and construction, costume design, and theatre/stage management.

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Rachelle Provost, Instructor

Courses Offered
Ballet 1 and 2
Dance 1 and 2
Ballet 3, 4, OR 5
Ballet 6 OR 7
Dance 3 OR 4

​Elective Courses
Dance Composition 1
Dance Composition 2
Dance Company

​This program emphasizes rigorous training in ballet and modern techniques, as well as, jazz, tap, and musical theatre.  Students develop skills through experiences in aesthetic education, dance composition, labanotation, repertory, choreography, creative expression, production, performance, criticism and connections between dance and healthy living.

** Applications are being accepted for students in grades 9 through 11.

**Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northwest and Southwest areas.

**Please contact the Magnet Coordinator should you have any questions or concerns about the application process.

Arinita Crawford
Magnet Coordinator
(410) 922-5219