Information for Seniors

Welcome Seniors!

Below is a ten step 'to do list' for your college application process. October is an important month for seniors, who should be completing their college applications. Follow the steps below to get you started and to help see you through the process:

1. Complete your "CommonApp" by visiting
-When you are finished, you should see 6 green checks on the left side under the commonapp tab. Remember to complete the writing section! Use personal examples in your essay and refer to examples of your leadership activities if possible! Also, remember to spell check your writing and have someone proof-read it before you finish.

2. Complete your "CollegeSearch" on

-You should develop a list of 5 schools
    -1 Reach school
    -2 Schools that fit
    -2 Back up Plans

-Research the schools!
-In Naviance, click on the school name
    -Click on Admissions- this will give you SAT data and GPA data
         -See if you fit, it's a reach, or it's a good fall back

3. Match you colleges at

-Click the "colleges" tab
    -Click the "colleges I'm apply to" blue link
         -Your commonapp schools should automatically appear
               -If they do not, click "+add to my list"
         -Here you can lookup and add schools 
              -You can also add schools that are not CommonApp
                   -Remember, you will need to apply directly to these schools

4. Complete your Senior Brag Sheet

-You can find the Brag Sheet under the "My Planner" tab in Naviance
    -Click on "Tasks assigned to Me," the purple sub-tab
         -Click on "Senior Brag Sheet"
              -Click on "Complete Survey"
                   -Save it when finished or as you go...
    -Teachers can now see your brag sheet
        -They need this in order to write good recommendations!
            -Take your time! Be specific! Remember, you are pitching yourself to schools!    

5. Review and Submit your CommonApp
-Click the "Colleges" tab
    -Answer the questions that will pop up for each college you select
         -Make sure you have green checks on the left side for each box
              -When you are ready, review and submit the commonapp for each school 

*This must be done before your recommendations are requested, otherwise the school will not pop up for your teachers to select when they upload your recommendations

6. Ask your teachers for recommendations
-Pick 2 teachers
    -Most schools prefer at least one core teacher (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)

         -Have a face to face conversation with them!     
         -Know it's a sure thing, don't blind email teachers without asking!

7. Request recommendations on Naviance
-Click "Colleges," tab 
    - Click the "Colleges I'm apply to" blue link

         -Click "add/request recommendation"
              -Select the teacher in the pull down bar
-Type a friendly email to that teacher
              -Click "Update Requests"
                   -You will see a blue confirmation box
                   -You will see the teachers name and "submitted"
-Give your teachers at least 2 weeks to write your recommendations
                        -You will receive confirmation when they are completed
                             -If not, send them a friendly reminder
                                 -Remember, they are writing your recommendation!

8. Request transcripts on Naviance

-Click the "Colleges" tab
    -Click the "Colleges I'm applying to" blue link
         -Click the "Request Transcripts" blue link
              -If you receive an error message in red: 
                    -You have not turned in the yellow BCPS transcript release form
                        -Forms are located in the Counseling Office
                             -On the carousel, on the front desk
                             -They are YELLOW
              -If you can see the colleges that you selected:
                   -Click the box next to each school 
                        -Click "Request Transcripts"

9. Begin you scholarship search
-Click the "Colleges" tab in Naviance
        -Look through ALL of the scholarships
              -Begin applying to those that fit you
                   -Make an appointment to see Mrs. Ingram if indicated

10. Report your Acceptance and Scholarships to Mr. Berlett

-You can report acceptance directly on Naviance under "Colleges I'm Applying to"