Name of Club: Yearbook

Sponsors: Christopher Sneeringer

Meeting Times/Location: Period 4A/4B or after school in room 202

Summary about club/organization: The Yearbook class/club creates the yearbook each year. We are responsible for documenting the events of the year, and often the yearbook is the only record of the events. Students learn marketing, advertising, business, graphic design, and photography skills in order to create the book. Yearbooks are a rite of passage, and the hope is that the Milford Yearbook Staff creates a book worth buying and keeping.

How to join:  Students that wish to take the class should see Mr. Sneeringer prior to registration in the spring. They will need to explain why they want to be in the course and provide the name of a teacher that might speak on their behalf. If students wish to help with the club, they should see Mr. Sneeringer afterschool and discuss how they wish to help.