Visual Arts

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Teacher Email  Current Courses Offered Coach Class Room
 Randall Gornowich  FOA, Photo I & II See Instructor  255
 Megan Kline,
Visual Arts Department Chair  AP Studio I & II and Art History, Intermediate, Design in Clay See Instructor  249
 Joshua Torres  Intermediate, Digital, FOA  See Instructor  254


Face Of A Man With Curving Lines           Red Green Blue Colors           Mario Bros 3d Blocks         Camera Photo

This program provides students with opportunities to explore their interests in graphic and traditional fine arts.  Students develop their talents through the study of art history, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, computer graphics, multimedia, or televideo.  Students also learn techniques of art critique.  Students maintain sketchbooks, visit museums, and develop a professional portfolio, which can be used to gain admission to post-secondary study or gainful employment as a working artist.     

**Applications are accepted for grades 9-10.
Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northwest and Southwest areas.

Please contact the Magnet Coordinator for questions concerning the application process.

Arinita Crawford 
Magnet Coordinator
(443) 809-3531