Vocal Music
Milford Mill Choral Ensemble

Choral and Vocal Music Magnet Instructor 

                               Vocal Music

The Vocal Music program prepares students for solo and ensemble performances in a variety of musical genres which include opera and musical theatre. Course work includes vocal fundamentals and technique, sight reading, and music history, theory, and criticism. Students may also work with music technology, recording, and engineering. 

In this program, students develop their music skills and vocal technique. Students are taught and prepared to be well-versed in the application of their music skills, while majoring in music in college with voice as their primary instrument. Necessary fundamental qualities for students entering the Milford Mill Academy Vocal Music Program include: musicality, personal initiative, self-discipline, good health, seriousness of purpose, and trainability. 

 At least once a week, each student receives individual attention and sings solo while other students take notes and make constructive criticism. Because all singers deal with the same issues, many aspects of singing can be effectively dealt with in a group setting, especially at the high school level. 

 All Vocal Music students are required to take part in occasional evening performances. Furthermore, students are often required to attend performances both on and off Milford’s school site. Students will also periodically audition for Milford Mill musical productions.

Courses Offered

Concert Choir Level I (Magnet 9)-
Only students who have applied and have been accepted into this approved magnet program can take this magnet course.

Concert Choir Level II
Concert Choir Level III
Men's Chorus
Women's Chorus
Music Theory (H)
Chamber Choir

Elective Courses Offered

Music Theory (GT)
AP Music Theory
Class Piano
Music Seminar

Prerequisite: Requirements for admission may be selective and schools may require an audition for acceptance into this course.

**Please contact the Magnet Coordinator, Mrs. Crawford, should you have any questions or concerns regarding this program or the application process.

Mrs. Arinita Crawford
Magnet Coordinator 
Music Department Chairperson
(443) 809-3531