MCJROTC Objectives

Dear Parent or Guardian,


     Welcome to the Milford Mill Academy United States Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’Training Corps (MCJROTC) Program! The Secretary of the Navy has authorized the Commandant of the Marine Corps to establish Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps programs throughout the United States. There are approximately 260 MCJROTC units in the country divided among six MCJROTC Regions.  Milford Mill Academy is proud to be one of nine MCJROTC units in the state of Maryland.

The Milford Mill MCJROTC program is a four-year academic course taken as an elective. Enrollment does not obligate a student to join the Marine Corps or any other branch of the service. Cadets, however, must accept Marine Corps standards of discipline, appearance and training. For enrollment and continuance in the MCJROTC unit, a student must:

1.  Be enrolled in and attending a regular course of instruction at the school where the unit is located.

2.  Be a citizen of the United States or a U.S. National and be at least 14 years of age or will have reached their 14th birthday in that current school year.

3.  Be of good moral character as determined by the Principal of the school and the Senior Marine Instructor.

4.  Adhere to all school rules and standards of conduct.

5.  Act as a responsible citizen at all times in and out of school.

6.  Refrain from substance abuse, alcohol, or other drugs.

7.  Adhere to the MCJROTC Honor Code.

8.  Adhere to all United States Marine Corps grooming standards. Cadets who violate grooming standards (facial hair, unauthorized sideburns and mustaches, colored hair, braids, unauthorized jewelry, hair not worn properly while in uniform etc.), will be given a failing grade and could be subject for additional disciplinary action.

Excuses will not be accepted for a cadet not knowing or for a cadet not adhering to MCJROTC grooming standards. Every cadet will be issued a cadet handbook explaining Marine Corps grooming standards. This handbook will be kept in his/her MCJROTC binder for daily use.

9.  Adhere to all United States Marine Corps uniform policies. Cadets will wear the uniform once a week or when directed. Cadets will be given a failing grade if they fail to wear the exact uniform that was issued them and they are expected to wear the prescribed uniform in the proper manner.

The uniform schedule is posted in the classroom at least one month in advance. If for some reason a cadet is not in school over a period of time, it is still the responsibility of the cadet to be in the appropriate uniform if the first day back at school is the uniform day. If the cadet is absent on uniform day, he or she must wear the uniform and be inspected the day he or she returns to school.  It is the Cadets responsibility to either call the MCJROTC office or another classmate or to do whatever that has to be done to find out when uniform day is.  It is also a major uniform violation for a cadet not to be dressed in the complete uniform when either inside a building or outdoors. Cadets must be fully dressed at all times when in uniform when traveling to and from school.   Additionally, events of the MCJROTC program will be posted to and communicated through the Milford Mill Academy JROTC webpage:

10.       Participate in all MCJROTC classroom instruction and graded events such as orientation trips.

11. Participate in all MCJROTC fundraising activities.  In order for the Milford Mill Academy MCJROTC to participate in the many drill/physical fitness competitions, orientation visits and social functions that the unit is involved in, it is required that every cadet fundraise to defray the enormous costs associated with these activities.

12. Be physically qualified to participate fully in the school’s physical education program.  A current annual school/sports physical evaluation is mandatory for cadet participation in the program.  A copy of the physical and a cadet emergency data form must be submitted to the MCJROTC department. 


The Marine Corps objectives of the MCJROTC program are as follows:

1.  Develop leadership skills.

2.  Strengthen character.

3.  Develop informed and responsible citizens.

4.  Help form habits of self-discipline.

5.  Promote an understanding of the basic elements and requirements for national security.

6.   Develop respect for, and an understanding of, the need for constituted authority in a democratic society.

7.  Develop an interest in the Military Services as a possible career.

      In order to achieve these objectives, classes are designed to emphasize patriotism, leadership, self-confidence and discipline. Cadets who openly refuse to say the pledge of allegiance for whatever reason, or cadets who state that they do not respect the United States will be disenrolled from the program. Classroom lectures, guest appearances, student research and presentations are included in the academic portion of the program. Physical fitness, drill and marksmanship training will be conducted throughout the school year to reinforce classroom instruction, teamwork, and mind-body coordination.

     During the school year, on week days and /or weekends, the MCJROTC classes will take daylong field trips. All of our field / orientation trips are co-curricular and are graded events. In addition, a three to five-day orientation trip will be taken to a major military installation or educational site every other year. Visits may include taking flights on government aircraft, rappelling, obstacle courses, orientation rides on naval craft and amphibious vehicles, familiarization firing of military weapons, living in the barracks, dining in the mess halls and receiving briefs on numerous military occupational specialties. Orientation trips may include visiting the White House, New York City, Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, Little Creek Naval Shipyard, Camp Lejeune N.C., Parris Island, S.C., Marine Corps Museum, United States Military Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Merchant Marine Academy, Virginia Military Institute, Marine Corps Officer Candidates’ School, College Campuses, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Pentagon.  Additionally, we visit on a yearly basis, Marine Barracks 8th & I, Washington D.C. to observe the Marine Corps Evening Parade and/or the Sunset Parade with the Drum and Bugle Corps and Silent Drill Team.