Grade 9

This summer, you will have the choice of reading what you love to read. You may select any genre and any style reading material that you desire. After reading your selection, you may choose one of the following assignments:


  1. Write a letter to the author explaining two things that you liked, how you were affected by the story, and what event(s) you would have changed in the plot.


  2. Create a Dialectical Journal in which you identify 16 significant quotes from the book. Four (4) quotes must relate to characterization, four (4) quotes must relate to setting, four (4) quotes must relate to plot, and four (4) quotes must relate to theme.



    Page #

    Explanation of how this quote relates to literary device.


  3. Choose a social media site such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. Make a weekly post relating to characters, setting, plot, or theme about your chosen book, beginning the weeks of:

*7/1/19        *7/8/19

* 7/15/19     *7/22/19

*7/29/19      *8/5/19

*8/12/19      *8/19/19.

Be prepared to show each post to your English teacher by the end of the first week of school.