Parents/Guardian and Cadets:    

    I am extremely proud to serve as the Senior Marine Instructor for the Milford Mill Academy Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) program in Baltimore, Maryland.  The primary objectives of the MCJROTC program are to enhance life skills and develop responsible citizens.  This is accomplished by familiarizing cadets with basic military skills and traditions of the Marine Corps, while developing those necessary qualities of leadership; character, confidence, and self-discipline.

While participation in the program incurs no obligation of future military service, the training and education will go a long way toward enhancing life skills and opportunity in both military and civilian careers. The future success of our nation depends upon the quality of its leaders in all professions and all walks of life.

The leaders of tomorrow must be fully aware of the importance of cooperative responsibility, and must possess the social and technical skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. It is this awareness of tomorrow’s challenges that drives the program of the MCJROTC toward leadership development.

Welcome aboard cadets! The challenge of excellence is here. The opportunity for growth and development is unlimited.  Semper Fidelis.




                                                 Alan R. Singleton II

                                                 Major, U. S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

                                                 Senior Marine Instructor