January 2016

January 4, 2016 -Welcome back to school! Black Chalk Board.png

January 8, 2016- Now that students have transitioned to high school, we expect them to focus on learning.  At the freshman meeting today we discussed the following expectations for students to meet with academic success at Milford:

    1.  Report to school daily and on-time
    2.  Report to class daily and on-time 
    3.  Come to school with materials and prepared to learn.  (students must have a
         3 ring binder, notebook paper, notebook dividers for sections, pens and 
    4.  Students are expected to complete all classwork and homework.
    5.  Students are expected to follow school and classroom rules.
    6.  Students are are expected to be respectful to teachers and staff.
    7.  Students are expected to used appropriate language.  No cursing allowed!
    8.  Students are expected to interact positively with peers.  No verbal or
         physical aggression are allowed.
    9.  Cell phone use is not allowed in school unless it is used for academic
   10.  Students are are expected to be in class during school hours and are not
         allowed to leave the building or to walk around the building.

Students were introduced to the staff at the school that are here to help them. We look forward to working with parents to ensure that students are adhering to the expectations listed above.