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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 25 (F.A.Q.’s)


  1. What is Naviance?
    1. Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness software program used by all BCPS students that helps align student strengths and interests to post-scondary goals, and improve student outcomes. Additionally, all seniors use the Naviance platform for the college application process. Therefore, it is essential to all students from Middle through High School.


  2. What is the Common App?
    1. The Common App is a single application that allows students to apply to multiple colleges. All students who complete a common app, can use this one app to apply to multiple colleges at once. Any school that accepts the common app, does not need a separate application.


  3. How often should I be going on Naviance?
    1. Daily! Naviance is like facebook, Instagram, and twitter, all wrapped into one for high school students. Only here you maintain and develop your post-secondary goals, eventually leading to the college application process. Counselors send emails through Naviance, which students should be checking often for updates. Scholarship offers, skills and strengths finders, and college search options are all offered through Naviance.


  4. Can parents access Naviance?
    1. Yes, contact your child’s counselor for your access information. Once registered, you can track your child’s performance, their college app process, and follow emails from counselors the same as your child.


  5. What is a Common-App School?
    1. Any school that will allow a student to apply using the singular common app instead of their own specific school application.


  6. What is a Non-Common App School?
    1. Any school that does not accept the common app, but instead requires students to apply via their own independent application, which can usually be found on the school’s website.


  7. How do I apply to college?
    1. Visit the “Information for Senior’s” page on our website for step by step instructions from start to finish.


  8. How do I request teacher recommendations?
    1. Directions for teacher recommendations can be found under the information for senior’s page.


  9. Do I need to request transcripts?
    1. Yes, you need to request transcripts for every school you are applying. First, you need to pick up the yellow BCPS release waiver in the counseling office. Second, you need to sign it and a parent/guardian needs to sign it. Third, you need to drop it off in the counseling office. Fourth, Mrs. Christian will open your access to request through naviance. Fifth, you need to go on naviance and electronically request for each school.


  10. How do I get transcripts for schools that do not accept electronic submissions/documents?
    1. You need to complete the blue request waiver, which is found in the counseling office along with the BCPS release waiver. You need to indicate the schools on this form that you will need paper transcript copies for and submit that form in the counseling office. Mrs. Christian will print and seal them for you after she processes your request.


  11. How do I send out my applications for print only schools?
    1. You need to make an appointment with your counselor when you are prepared to submit paper application packets. Your counselor will print all of your require documents and seal them for you for submission. You will need to provide a large manila envelope and pay the postage to send these documents out to the college.


  12. I have completed my applications, are they submitted automatically?
    1. No, your counselor must process every single senior’s applications. This process is done in a priority order. Students with early deadlines must be submitted first in order to meet those deadlines. Then students are completed/apps are submitted on the basis of preparation. Students who are complete and ready to submit will be submitted by your counselor in the order they are received.


  13. My teacher said they have completed my letter of recommendation, but it still says pending….?
    1. They will continue to read as pending until they have been submitted by the senior counselor or college counselor.


  14. I think I have everything in order, but my apps have not yet been sent…?
    1. If everything is in order, than you are on your counselor's list for submission and your apps will be processed in the order in which they are received.


  15. I think I have everything in order, but it seems like my apps are just sitting there…?
    1. If you have not completed your Brag Sheet, your apps will sit until it is complete. If you do not submit a Brag Sheet, than your apps will be submitted by their deadlines, but your will not receive a letter of recommendation from your counselor.


  16. I have done everything, I know I have done everything, why has my letter of recommendation not been completed yet?
    1. Letters of recommendation are optional. However, your counselor is attempting to write one for every student who wants one. Your counselor needs to see your Brag Sheet in Naviance to write you a recommendation. If you do not complete your Brag Sheet, it is assumed that you do not want a letter of recommendation. If you have, rest assured you are in line to have one completed! However, there are 363 seniors and it does take time to write a letter for every student.


  17. How do I do my Brag Sheet?
    1. Log in to Naviance. Go to my planner. Go to tasks assigned to me. Click on complete brag sheet. Click on complete survery. Answer all of the questions. Be specific! Brag about yourself! Save it when you are done or as you go…


  18. How do I add schools that are not common app?
    1. You will add non-common app schools through Naviance. Directions can be found on the information for senior’s page.


  19. Do I need to add all of my schools in naviance even if I am not using the common app?
    1. Yes, all electronic documents from recommendations to transcripts are sent through Naviance. your counselor can’t tell if you are applying to a school unless it is recorded in Naviance. In order to send or print all of your documents for a school, they must be added on your naviance page.


  20. How do I get an SAT waiver?
    1. Students eligible for a waiver should see the senior counselor or the college counselor. If you have FARMS (Free and Reduced Meals), you are eligible for fee waiver.


  21. How do I get a college application waiver?
    1. There are two types of app waivers, the first are common app waivers. You can electronically sign them on common-app if you are eligible, which is usually the case if you have FARMS. Those are sent to your counselor, who verifies each request. The second waivers are through collegeboard. You need to log in to collegeboard like you are registering for an SAT test. You need to print the app fee waiver from collegeboard’s site. You are given four if you are eligible, which again is usually based on FARMS. Do not use collegeboard waivers for common app schools. Only use these waivers for non- common app schools, as the common app schools can be done electronically through the common app waivers.


  22. I received an acceptance letter, now what?
    1. Bring the letter into your counselor to record in your records and to make announcements.


  23. I received another acceptance, now what?
    1. Bring all acceptance letters into your counselor, even the second, third, and so on…


  24. I received a scholarship, now what?
    1. Report the offer to your counselor.


  25. I received a scholarship offer, but I am not going to choose that school…?
    1. You still need to report the offer to your counselor because it counts toward our school financial aid total. Even if you do not accept the offer, you still should report it.

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