Literary Arts
Literary Arts Magnet
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Courses Offered

Introduction to Literary Arts
Professional Writing
Journalism I
Literary Forms 

Journalism II 

Senior Writing Seminar
Journalism 3
Journalism 4 

Students are provided with the opportunity to develop originality and style in writing through serious reading, writing, thinking, observation, practice, and discipline.  Throughout this four-year course of study, students pursue an enriched and sequential set of literary experiences in an atmosphere that celebrates the diversity of human perspectives, that promotes lively exchange of ideas, and that nurtures the development of each writer's voice

**Applications are accepted for students in grades 9-10.

**Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northwest and Southwest areas.

**Please contact the Magnet Coordinator for any questions or concerns about the application process.

Mrs. Tyshon Brown
Magnet Coordinator
[email protected]
(443) 809-2323