Social Studies

"When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world."
                                                                     -George Washington Carver

Welcome to the Milford Mill Social Studies Department. Below you will find our dedicated teachers and the subjects they teach. You can email the teacher directly by clicking on their name. 

Mr. Doug Bond                               Room 225-American Government, AP U.S. History.
Ms. Chris Duryea                          Room 223- World History, Psychology.
Ms. Catherine Hinton                Room 107- PFET, World History.
Mr. Russell Williams                   Room 110- A.P. Psychology, U.S.History, Juvenile Justice. 
Mr. Brian Kusterer                       Floater-  A.P. Human Geography, Principles of Government.
Mr. Marlon Lindsey                      Room 112- PFET, African American History, World History.
Mr. Jon Peang                                  Room 111- American Government, World History, A.P. World History        

Dr.  Zelpha Taylor                          Room 109 -U.S. History.
Mrs. Zoe Coffing  Faircloth        Room 229- American Government, U.S. History 

Department Chair -Mr. Brian Kusterer

Helpful Links for Enrichment and Homework Help
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