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The mission of the MMA Band Magnet is to provide students highly specialized and rigorous musical training, fostering an appreciation for the arts, guiding them on their journey towards graduation, and post-graduation studies as future performers.


The MMA Band Magnet offers a comprehensive curriculum based on the standards of the National Association for Music Education. The Band is divided into several areas that consist of Symphonic band, Concert Band, Jazz band, Percussion ensemble, Brass ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, and Marching Band. Students may also choose to pursue conducting skills within their area of study.


All instrumental ensembles perform in events of the state-sanctioned components of the Maryland  Music Educators Association.  Students participate in solo and ensemble music performance assessments, district and state music performance assessments, Baltimore County Honors ensembles, and All-State Honors ensembles auditions.


It is the philosophy of the music program that students learn performance skills through a combination of participation in ensembles and solo opportunities. The music curriculum is extensive and we place a great emphasis on performance skills that are essential to the development of any young musician. Thus, the selection of quality repertoire is of major importance in all that students are asked to do in the music program. Students are also expected to master basic music skills including producing a characteristic tone on their instrument or voice, sight-reading, rhythmic skills, and tonal skills, and general knowledge of the various genres from the major art periods and world music.