Visual Arts

                 MILFORD MILL ACADEMY'S

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 Megan Kline
Art Department Chair   AP Studio
Painting I&II
Studio II: Drawing & Painting
 114A  Tuesdays after school
 Mikea Hugley  Digital Art
Figure Drawing
249, 254   see instructor
 Randall Gornowich Foundations of Art
Photo I&II
AP Photo
 255  see instructor
 Rebecca Ward    Design in Clay I&II
Fundamentals of Art
 114B  see instructor


Magnet Goals:
  • Develop a foundation of concepts and skills to support students in their own artistic endeavors. 

  • Prepare students for college.

  • Provide students with the knowledge and experiences necessary to pursue a career in the visual arts.

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop their ability to articulate visual concepts and ideas.

  • Cultivate dedicated, determined, successful artists and support them in their exploration of self through a body of work.

  • Usher them through a rich and personally meaningful experience with art history.

  • Encourage and enhance a student’s self-confidence and skills in order for them to develop powerful and evocative work.

**Applications are accepted for grades 9-10.
Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northwest and Southwest areas.

Please contact the Magnet Coordinator for questions concerning the application process.

Shandria Proctor
Magnet Coordinator