Special Education

Special Education & Dyslexia / Special Education Documents

Ms. Wendy Mason (Department Chair)

Ms. Ophelia Fabular (IEP Coordinator) 

Dr. Karl Huber - (Psychologist)

Mr. Corbett Logan - (Social Worker)


Mr. Christopher Ellis (Social Studies) 
Ms. Erika Galeone (English) 
Ms. Sharon Johnson (Math) 
Ms Janice Williams (English) 
Ms. Alyssa Mason (Science) 
Ms. Gina Coughlin (English)
Mr. Sir Stephens (Math)
Ms. Diane Hagan (FALS)
Ms. Eileen Privett (FALS)
Mr. Richard Johnson (SEL teacher)

Case Managers

Ms. Jodi Lavin (Case manager)
Dr. Selma Harrison (Case manager)
Ms. Amy Taubenfeld (Case Manager)

Itinerant Personnel

Ms. Melissa Gofstein - (Speech Therapist)
Ms. Stacy Fitzgerald (Audiologist)
Ms. Katie Startzel (Deaf and Hard Of Hearing)
Ms. Cynthia Zaleon (Occupational Therapist)
Ms. Katherine Millet (Physical Therapist)
Ms. Abigal Du Pont (Vision Teacher)

Para Educators

Mr. Roderick Franklin Jr.
Ms. Shirley Majeed
Ms. Crystal Powell
Mr. Reginald White
Mr. James Mitchell
Mr. Troy Parker
Ms. Tamika Banks
Ms. Shaquan Davis
Ms. Shamia Davis (Secretary)