Special Education

Special Education & Dyslexia / Special Education Documents

Ms. Wendy Mason (Department Chair) [email protected]

Ms. Ophelia Fabular (IEP Coordinator) [email protected] 

 Ms. Monique Easley- (Psychologist) [email protected]

Mr. Corbett Logan - (Social Worker)  [email protected]


Mr. Christopher Ellis (Social Studies) [email protected]
Ms. Erika Galeone (English) [email protected] 
Ms. Sharon Johnson (Math)   [email protected]
Mr. Sir Stephens (Science)  [email protected]
Ms. Diane Hagan (FALS) [email protected]
Ms. Eileen Privett (FALS)  [email protected]
Mr. Reginald White (Math) [email protected]
Ms. Candyce Jeter (English) [email protected]
Ms. Amber Mitter (English) [email protected]

Case Managers

Ms. Jodi Lavin (Social Emotional Support Teacher) [email protected]
Ms. Michelle Ellis (Case Manager) [email protected]
Dr. Selma Harrison (Case manager) [email protected]
Ms. Jennifer Scofield (Case Manager) [email protected]
Ms. Amy Taubenfeld (Case Manager) [email protected]

Itinerant Personnel

Ms. Melissa Gofstein - (Speech Therapist)   [email protected]
Ms. Stacy Fitzgerald (Audiologist) [email protected]
Ms. Katie Startzel (Deaf and Hard Of Hearing) [email protected]
Ms. Cynthia Zaleon (Occupational Therapist) [email protected]
Ms. Katherine Millet (Physical Therapist) [email protected]
Ms. Abigal Du Pont (Vision Teacher) [email protected]

Para Educators

Mr. Roderick Franklin Jr. [email protected]
Shakia Johnson [email protected]
Mr. Byron Jones [email protected]
Ms. Shirley Majeed [email protected]
Ms. Crystal Powell [email protected]
Mr. Troy Parker [email protected]
Ms. Deborah Smith  [email protected]
Ms. Shamia Davis (Secretary)  [email protected]