Business Education

Business Ed
Course Offerings

 Accounting I Honors This course emphasizes basic accounting principles. Students learn how to interpret business forms and how to prepare a simple set of accounting records; journals, ledgers, and financial statements. 

 Accounting II Honors This course reviews and extends the accounting principles learned in Accounting I and helps develop a marketable skill in keeping, analyzing, and interpreting accounting records and statements.

 Business Capstone Honors  This course is designed to be the second of two sequential business management or accounting courses in the completer requirement for students enrolled in the Business Management or Finance and Accounting pathways. Students will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in previous business courses to settings through the Business Final Capstone Project and Presentation.

 Information Systems Management I GT  Information Systems Management is designed to help students develop managerial and technical skills in a state-of-the-art technological office. Strong technical skills and Microsoft Office skills will be emphasized. 

 Information Systems Management II GT  Information Systems Management II is designed to help students develop managerial and technical skills in a state-of-the-art technological office. The program models a company, with the teacher assuming the role of the employer. This course will prepare students for MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification, which sets a global standard for desktop productivity in corporations, academic institutions, staff agencies, training organizations, and individuals by using Microsoft Office applications. 

 Principles of Business, Administration, and Management  The Principles of Business, Administration, and Management course provides students with knowledge of the types of businesses, as well as various applications, laws, and theories of business. Along with a brief historical perspective, business terminology and principles will be emphasized. Students will learn to analyze the functions of business through evaluating, planning, organizing, and controlling. Students will develop the communication skills that will be necessary for success in the workplace and college. Students will be expected to think analytically; improve written and oral communication skills; enhance listening and questioning skills; learn and practice the art of conversation; improve public speaking skills; broaden their awareness of career options; practice using teamwork to make decisions and solve problems; and learn why people skills, communications skills, and networking skills can help them succeed in their careers. Students will develop human resource skills including diversity training, attitude, attendance, accountability, employer/employee rights, discrimination, availability of information, as well as time management and setting priorities. Students will write grammatically correct correspondence and communicate orally. Students will understand the business world and be more prepared to meet their career goals and objectives.