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Applicants shall be required to pass competitive examinations in music.  Candidates will be considered for admission in the order of their performance on the audition. (For example, those who score 100% on the audition will be admitted first, provided they meet academic requirements, followed by those who score 99% and meet academic requirements, and so on down the list, until all seats are filled). All auditions are scored by multiple evaluators, with structures in place to maximize student success, resolve misaligned scores, recuse evaluators who may have a conflict of interest, etc.


Applicants shall be required to present evidence of satisfactory achievement. Candidates will be considered only if their 8th grade core subject final grades meet the BCPS Academic Policy's definition of Satisfactory - 75 or higher - and meet the BCPS's definition of not being chronically absent - 90% attendance or higher. (Those who have a core subject final grade under 75 or are absent more than 10%, may not be admitted).


An Open House may be held for accepted students each March, prior to the acceptance deadline. Many of our performances are open to the public, and people get a feel of the school by visiting our performance spaces.


How to Apply


Application and Admissions


Magnet Application and Assessment Time Line

(dates subject to change--please revisit this site for updates)



 September 8, 2020 

Magnet Brochure release.   Magnet brochures are available for download.  Baltimore County Public Schools will also distribute a flyer with magnet application information to every student in grade PreK, 5th, and 8th.


Download Magnet Brochures


 September 16, 2020 

Apply online. Applications may be submitted online from 12 noon on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, until 1 p.m. on Friday, November 6, 2020.  The online application can be accessed through the Magnet Online Application System.


 Information regarding High School Magnet Assessments will be provided at a later date.


 NOVEMBER 6, 2020 


Applications must be submitted online by 1 p.m.



 February 5, 2021 (date subject to change)

Mailing of Elementary and Middle School Magnet Decision Letters form BCPS Magnet Programs.  See the Admissions Process for more information.



 March 5, 2021  (date subject to change)

Mailing of High School Magnet Decision Letters from BCPS Magnet Programs.  

See the Admissions Process for more information.