Vocal Music

Milford Mill Academy


D'Artangan Evans, Instructor


The vocal music program prepares students for ensemble and solo performances from a variety of musical genres, languages, historical references and cultural experiences.  Course work includes singing fundamentals and technique, sight reading, music history, music theory, and music criticism. Students may also explore music technology, recording, and engineering.  In this program, students can develop their music skills and vocal techniques at a very high level. Students will have the opportunity to become extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the application of their musical talents. 


All vocal music students are required participate in several evening performances and to participate in performances at Milford Mill High School and at other locations. Vocal music students will be encouraged and required to audition for singing opportunities outside of Milford Mill Academy.  All students routinely receive individual developmental instruction and constructive criticism from the teacher and other students.  All singers deal with many of the same issues; therefore positive solutions can be effectively shared and applied in a group setting. 

The necessary fundamental qualities for students entering the Milford Mill Academy Vocal Music Program must include but are not limited to:

  • A love for hearing, learning and performing music
  • A desire and willingness to perform in an ensemble and as a soloist
  • A willingness to learn and perform all styles of music
  • Self-discipline and personal initiative
  • Outstanding behavior and compliance with all expectations, rules and regulations
  • Exceptional musical skills and abilities
  • An acceptance and understanding of the importance of your responsibility not only to your individual success but also to the success of the entire vocal music program.


Vocal Courses Offered:

  • Concert Choir Level I (Magnet 9) Only students who have applied and have been accepted into this magnet program can take this magnet course.
  • Concert Choir Level II
  • Concert Choir Level III
  • Concert Choir Level IV
  • Honors Chorale
  • Men's Chorus
  • Chamber Choir
  • Women's Chorus


    Elective Courses Offered:

  • Music Theory Advanced Placement
  • Music Theory Gifted & Talented
  • Music Theory Honors
  • Class Piano


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this program or the application process feel free to contact

Mr. Evans at [email protected] or Mrs. Proctor, the music department chairperson, at [email protected].